Jennifer Lopez Teases Steamy “First Love” Video

Christina Lee | May 21, 2014 10:39 am

Jennifer Lopez claims that her “First Love” video shoot was the hardest she’s done in her career.

“It was like the apocalypse,” she recently said on iHeartRadio. “It was like purgatory. I was waiting for frogs to fall out of the sky. It was a wind storm. Literally, it felt like we were in the middle of a tornado. There was this much dust on my face. We looked like we were covered up on soot. And it was freezing. And of course, you know, in the video I’m not wearing all that much.”

In a black-and-white snapshot from that same shoot (above), almost none of this appears to be true. (While J. Lo’s arms are bare, it’s still impossible to see just how much she’s wearing.) Instead, she looks like she’s in total bliss. British model David James Gandy, who also covers the latest issue of GQ Brasil, appears with his hair slicked back, shirt unbuttoned and arms around the A.K.A. star.

“The chemistry between Jennifer and David was amazing,” a source said to Daily Mail, as if fans wouldn’t have figured from the photo itself. “There were definite sparks between them and the video is going to be one of her steamiest yet.”

Watch J. Lo’s iHeartRadio chat about the video shoot below. Then, if you haven’t already, hear her Max Martin-produced “First Love” here.