Estelle Drags Adele, Says She Doesn’t Make Soul Music: “I Don’t Think Of Her And Think Of Aretha”

Mike Wass | May 23, 2014 2:15 pm

Another day, another beef. The latest diva to run her mouth is Estelle. She obviously holds something of a grudge against countrywoman Adele and took a swipe at her in a recent interview with Global Grind. “I don’t think of her and think of Aretha [Franklin],” the “American Boy” songstress said. “So to me, that’s not soul. She does great folk music.” Ouch.

She underlined her point by saying: “Don’t sell that to me as soul and tell me I have to co-sign it or endorse it.” Estelle makes a point. Adele has a soulful voice but her music could just as easily be described as pop, rock or blues. However, dismissing it as “folk” sounds like sour grapes. Perhaps the once-hot R&B singer is mad that she’s releasing borderline-pornographic videos to promote her mixtape, while 21 sold 10 million+ copies in America alone. See the full interview after the jump.

Is Estelle right? Have your say in the comments below.

[Via Toya’z World].

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