Will.i.am Would Rather Make 45 Vines Than An Album

Christina Lee | June 3, 2014 11:03 am

How does will.i.am intend to follow “It’s My Birthday,” his A.R. Rahman remake featuring protege Cody Wise? Not with an album, he says. “What is an album now?” he said to the Vodafone, adding, “An album – that’s like borrowing from [the] 1950s. It feels like such an outdated format. 16 songs? I’d rather do 45 Vines and pay attention to six seconds.”

He isn’t speaking hypothetically, either. As shown on his own Vine profile, the producer had churned about as many of scenes from the “It’s My Birthday” video alone. And, not to be too confusing, throughout will.i.am found the biggest Vine and YouTube stars, from New York cover star King Bach to actor/comedian GioVanni Watson, to recreate their most viral skits and clips.

“These days, a lot of times when you see a video, you don’t really share it,” will.i.am says, of his approach to the “It’s My Birthday” clip. “I mean when you share it, you see it once. It’s a lot to expect people to re-share a video. People’s attention spans are so short that six-second Vines seem to be the correct dosage.”

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