Whatcha Say: Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Williams And Sia Got Our Readers Talking

Rachel Sonis | June 6, 2014 5:30 pm

It’s about that time, Idolator readers! Another week in the world of pop is drawing to a close, and boy, was it a busy one!

The divas were at the very top of our list this week, with Beyonce sporting a flawless bedhead look for the cover of ‘T’ Magazine,  Destiny’s Child reuniting on Michelle William’s gospel track “Say Yes,” and Rihanna rocking an amazing sheer, Swarovski crystal-laden gown at the CFDA Awards. And as if that wasn’t enough, we had a listen to Jennifer Lopez very promising new album, A.K.A, and even Celine Dion premiered her highly anticipated video for “Incredible,” featuring Ne-Yo.

What’s more, it seemed to be the week for some truly outlandish music videos! One Republic released their music video for “Love Runs Out,” New Zealand songstress Kimbra brought her bizarre, yet endearing clip for new single “90’s Music” and L.A. sultry singer-songwriter BANKS dropped an ethereal music video for “Drowning.”

Here on Idolator, we premiered Poliça’s cover of Lesley Gore’s 1963 smash- hit “Don’t Let Me Down.” We also just kicked off our “Song Of The Summer” competition, presenting Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea’s collab track “Problem” as our first major SOS contender, plus Iggy and Charli XCX‘s chart-dominating “Fancy.”

As per usual, we could always count on you guys on having plenty to say. Here are some of the week’s best comments below!

:: RtA1913 found the Ryan Lewis stint on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon absolutely hilarious as well as a bit of a turn-on on Ryan Lewis, Of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Asks Fans About Ryan Lewis: Watch: “LMAO! It was so funny! Their expressions! Ryan Lewis is so hot, I’d happily have his babies (even though I can’t have babies).”

:: sam had quite the emotional response to Miley’s new song “Pretty Girls (Fun)” on Miley Cyrus’ “Pretty Girls (Fun)” Surfaces Online: Listen To The Mike WiLL Made It-Produced Banger: “I LOVE IT IM CRYING.”

:: Alana felt Miley and her grandmother had something in common on Miley Cyrus Busts Out Her Boobs Yet Again: See Two Sexy, Unused Topless Pics From Her Nude, Porn-Lite ‘Bangerz’ Shoot: “I mean if you want to look sexy she should consider finding some decent underwear. I’m pretty sure my grandma wears underwear like that.”

:: mmm raved about Sia’s latest track “Eye of the Needle” on Sia’s “Eye Of The Needle”: Listen To The Lush ’1000 Forms Of Fear’ Ballad: “Yasss Sia…1000 forms of slayage to pop industry XD.”

:: Greg was in complete agreement with mmm on the Sia tune: “This is what happens when a REAL songwriter makes DAMN FINE pop music. It’s about time.”

:: That Girl8 stood by Den Henley’s unimpressed take on Frank Ocean “sampling” his work on Don Henley Was “Not Impressed” When Frank Ocean Sampled “Hotel California,” Says Ocean Needs To “Stop Stealing”: “Don’s right. The performers today have no talent and use what ever they can steal. I am glad he is standing up for his bands work. And of course, the song thief is going to try and say they are “Intimidated” by his rendition. Uhm, no, they don’t want it ruined.”

:: Calvin Right noticed the similarities between Sam Smith’s style and that of Adele’s, but thought that there a few up-tempo standouts than people should give Smith credit for on Sam Smith Drops “I’m Not The Only One” : Listen To The Jazzy New Track: “The album has a theme like Adele’s album did. Sam has said its about unrequited love. So yes its somber, but there are a few hot uptempo songs.”

:: Chinedu was feeling the happy vibes on Michelle Williams’ latest gospel track, “Say Yes” on Destiny’s Child Reunites On Michelle Williams’ Gospel Club-Banger “Say Yes”: Listen: “Finally Positivity on the airwaves, this beat is fire.”

:: davidsask saw the death of albums on the horizon on Mariah Carey’s ‘Elusive Chanteuse’ Suffers Terrible Debut, Coldplay’s ‘Ghost Stories’ Remains #1: “Looking at the quality of entire CDS of yet, it explains why Frozen Sndt. and Now Compilations are everyone’s purchase! Singles is where it is at and this will be reflected as such down the road soon!”

:: Rebeca Garcia felt nostalgic as we back tracked through Jennifer Lopez’s 1999 debut, On The 6 ,on Jennifer Lopez’s ‘On the 6′ Turns 15: Backtracking: “I loved this album. I remember I bought two copies, ’cause one was stolen!”

::J-LO’s latest album A.K.A. caused quite the controversy here on Idolator. Sandra didn’t seem too happy with the Latin icon’s recent attempt on Jennifer Lopez’s ‘A.K.A.’: Track-By-Track Album Review: “She has four flop singles so far and no buzz for the album. She needs to realize that her time is past, nobody cares about her music, she can’t even crack the itunes 100, this album will flop!”

:: moe seemed angered by Sandra’s comment: “B**ch, shut up everyone can put a single and it could flop but that doesn’t mean the album is gonna flop coz she is doing much better than the bitches half her age. So bye.”

:: And Jlow agreed with Sandra, coming to her rescue: “Her last few albums have flopped so who knows….You should really wait until the album comes and watch for those first-week numbers before you start telling people off. And, who are these ‘b*tches’ you speak of and why are they ‘b*tches?’ Wow, these commentators I tell ya. So full of class.”

So true.

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