Will MAGIC!’s “Rude” Be 2014′s Song Of The Summer?

Bianca Gracie | June 9, 2014 5:30 am

Slip on your shades, grab a glass of lemonade and check back each weekday over the next week and a half as we present you each Song Of The Summer contender.

Following our closer looks at Ariana Grande‘s “Problem” and Iggy Azalea‘s “Fancy,” this next contender for our Song of the Summer series goes to show that you don’t need a big name to have a big hit! Despite popping up on our music radar just a few months ago, Canadian band MAGIC!‘s breakthrough single “Rude” has a strong possibility of dominating the summer season.

The band (composed of four members, including well-known songwriter and producer Nasri who has worked with Justin Bieber, Iggy Azalea and Chris Brown) made their international debut back in January, and the feel-good single off their recently announced debut LP Don’t Kill The Magic has been soaring on the charts and radio ever since.

Most songs on radio these days include hard-hitting synths and punchy basslines, but “Rude” sets itself apart from the pack thanks to its delicate tinge of reggae fusion. The song first made waves in Australia, New Zealand and MAGIC!’s homeland of Canada (similar to Lorde’s debut), while North America and the rest of the world took a little longer to catch up. The delay proved to be well worth it , as “Rude” steadily began to sell stateside has now landed comfortably in the #3 spot on iTunes.

This epitome of a sleeper tune barely cracked the Billboard Hot 100 back in May with its #97 position. Fast forward to just one month later, and “Rude” has shot up to its current peak position of #8. And it doesn’t stop there! The song’s official video has racked up over 15 million views on Youtube and has sold half a million digital downloads in the US alone. Due to its unique sound that radio had been lacking, MAGIC!’s debut is a much-welcomed breath of fresh air.

The lyrical content behind “Rude” is an interesting one: it tells the story of a man asking a father for permission to marry his daughter, yet winds up getting rejected. The storyline is anchored by a charmingly laidback production that hails straight from the Caribbean along with mellow guitar undertones (a la The Police), which is the perfect sound for a summer getaway. Just imagine blasting the tune on a sunny beach in the middle of nowhere, with a cool piña colada in your hand. What more could you ask for from a Song Of The Summer contender?

Along with their smash hit “Rude,” MAGIC! feature on label mate Shakira‘s latest eponymous album, on the track “Cut Me Deep.”  The band also scored a spot on the World Cup 2014’s official album, One Love, One Rhythm. Nasri and his pals should hopefully avoid becoming a one-hit-wonder, as their follow-up single “Don’t Kill The Magic” continues with island-inspired rhythms.

But if “Rude” is any indication, MAGIC!’s debut album is sure to deliver for the summer months! What do you think?

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