PSY And Snoop Dogg’s “Hangover” Video: Review Revue

Rachel Sonis | June 9, 2014 8:27 am

The art of getting drunk is nothing to joke about. It requires skill, determination and acute precision. While  mastered only by a lucky, select few, South Korean singer PSY and hip-hop kingpin Snoop Dogg seem to have truly aced the art form in their latest collab single, “Hangover.”

The new hit, which comes with a video of the dynamic duo taking drunkenly to the streets of South Korea, certainly has the Internet feeling buzzed.

Here is what a few folks in the music world had to say about the track.

::Huffington Post thought that PSY and Snoop Dogg are a rowdy duo: “Snoop Dogg recently went to South Korea to kick it with PSY, and it looks like the pair got into some pretty wild shenanigans.”

::Time made their thoughts read loud and clear from the get-go: “PSY and Snoop Dogg Rap About Getting Drunk. The Video Is Art.”

::Tech2 was not particularly feeling the “Hangover” vibes, saying “Psy and Snoop Dogg’s ‘Hangover’ is so bad, YouTube wants more of Gangnam Style.” noted the extreme divide between fans of the video and the haters: “Some fans are saying the song is a sure hit, while others have gone so far as to label it the ‘dumbest collaboration of all time’.”

::Rappler simply says that you get what you expect with “Hangover”: “The video features Psy and the notoriously hard-partying Snoop Dogg on a night of intense boozing. The subject matter is apparent from the video’s first moments in which Psy vomits in a toilet bowl, only to start tapping his hands to the rhythm as Snoop Dogg jumps out of a bathtub revved up to party.”

But, what did you think about PSY and Snoop Dogg’s new song? Let us know below.

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