Train Returns With Alluringly Titled New Single “Angel In Blue Jeans”: Listen

Mike Wass | June 9, 2014 4:59 pm

Train has done a better job than most ’90s bands of navigating the changes in musical tastes and trends to remain relevant and radio friendly. The Cali rockers remain largely under the radar but then deliver a killer single — hello “Hey Soul Sister” and “Drive By” — every couple of years to remind everyone that they’re, well, still here. Their latest earworm is called “Angel In Blue Jeans”.

The title sounds like a Patsy Cline ballad and there is an unexpected twist of country. Train seemingly opts for a more stripped-back sound this time around with frontman Pat Monahan opening the song over a strummed guitar but “Angel In Blue Jeans” soon explodes into a OneRepublic-esque pop/rock anthem with a particularly killer vocal hook. Listen to the future hit after the jump.

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