Father’s Day Playlist 2014: 8 Songs That Celebrate Dads

Bianca Gracie | June 12, 2014 8:58 am

Every year, mothers are praised for their love and dedication for what seems like the entirety of May while fathers are quietly shoved into the background. But this time around, these doting dads will get the shine they deserve here on Idolator! Father’s Day (this Sunday, June 15 — don’t forgot to buy Dear Ol’ Dad a gift!) is a day to spend quality time with the most influential man in your life and make him feel special.

There are so many awesome dads around the world, and many of them happen to be our favorite musicians. Given this, we’ve compiled a playlist that features songs that are either performed by famous fathers or are an artist’s ode to their dads. Check it out below!

Jay Z – “Glory”

Our playlist kicks off with a beautifully endearing song from one of rap music’s favorite fathers, Jay Z. The entertainer and his wife (King Bey) welcomed Princess Blue Ivy Carter on January 7, 2012. The couple had well-documented mishaps with pregnancy, so naturally Jay and Bey were very excited once Blue Ivy came along. So excited, in fact, that Jay Z ran into the studio just two days after she was born to record “Glory.” The track made history, as the two-day-old newborn (who is officially credited on the track) became the youngest person ever to have a charted song with Billboard. Who else can say they’ve done this with their dad?

Madonna – “Papa Don’t Preach”

This next song is not the typical father anthem, but it is just way too classic. Madonna‘s controversial 1986 single “Papa Don’t Preach” (from her third studio album True Blue) tells the story of a teenage girl who reveals to her father that she is pregnant and refuses to have an abortion. At the time, Madonna created havoc with women’s organizations that criticized the diva for promoting teenage pregnancy. But looking back, it is an important and timely message that all parents should be aware of. Even though the nature of the song is a bit touchy, at least she had the guts to actually tell her father…right?

Will Smith – “Just The Two Of Us”

Will Smith‘s focus may be on acting nowadays, but we can never forget his stint as a rapper during the late ’80s and ’90s (“Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It,” anyone?). That song was featured on his debut solo album Big Willie Style (released in 1997), which also includes the incredibly touching single “Just The Two Of Us.” Smith is a proud papa of three kids (Trey, Jaden and Willow) but back then, the light of his life was 6-year-old Trey! The video is a totally adorable display of how much the duo loves each other, and also includes cameos from various famous fathers like Babyface, Nas, Magic Johnson and Muhammad Ali.

John Mayer – “Daughters”

John Mayer may not be a father, but he does know a thing or two on how men should be treating their children. His critically acclaimed song “Daughters,” (the third single off his 2003 album Heavier Things) serves as a warning to new fathers to specifically take care of their daughters right from the start. The guitar-laden ballad was inspired by the singer’s former unnamed girlfriend, who allegedly had trust issues that stemmed from her absent father. It may not be the most uplifting-sounding tune, but the message behind it is one that fathers should definitely take seriously.