Kelly Rowland Talks Pepsi’s ‘Beats Of The Beautiful Game,’ Her New Album And Lamb Burgers: Idolator Interview

Bradley Stern | June 12, 2014 10:22 am

Kelly Rowland is all about having her fun right now.

As part of Pepsi’s innovative Beats Of The Beautiful Game audio-visual project — a collaboration between superstar artists, producers and directors that ties together the worlds of sports, art and music — the Child of Destiny has returned to us in 2014 with “The Game,” an empowering anthem perfectly suited for preparing to head onto the field. (The Spike Lee-directed, soccer-infused video for the song just premiered today.)

And that’s not all: Between slowly but surely recording her fifth studio album, teaming up with her Destiny’s Child soulmates Beyoncé and Michelle Williams for Michelle’s inspirational holy banger “Say Yes,” as well dropping a possibly-maybe clue about being pregnant on Instagram a mere ten minutes after speaking with us (!?!), it’s safe to say that things are certainly looking up for “Kisses Down Low” diva.

Check out our interview with Kelly below.

How did you first hear about the Beats Of The Beautiful Game project?

The collaboration first came about when I got the call about the project and immediately got excited because, you know, it’s just such a great idea with marrying visuals, music and art together. And doing that with so many different artists on one body of work, and artists that I respect or have worked with before in the past — it just really drew me in.

You worked with Jake Troth on the song. What was that experience like?

He is so talented. He’s a new artist. It’s new blood, and he’s just so excited about music and wants to be one of those people who actually just brings something great to the table as a musician and an artist. I respect that so much. He told me he wanted to feel anthemic. Something that people could really sing along to, so when I heard it, it’s just like…a force, and I told him this whole story when I had actually witnessed my first soccer game, and how it was so much energy — the most energy I’ve ever felt like in a stadium or arena, ever. It was the loudest screams I had ever heard in my entire life. One of the players hit the goal, and it jolted me out of my seat. It almost shook me to my core. It’s like a vibration. It was amazing.

There’s a visual with this song as well. Can you tell me more about that?

Yes, Spike Lee directed it. You know, between Spike’s travels to Brazil and the feeling of the song, he’s completely brought it to life. One of the things I love most about working with Spike with “The Game” is the fact that he said “Oh, I really want some drums in there, and I said “Oh, ok.” Once the drums were added — he actually called me while the recording was being done because the drums were played live — so, as the drums were being played, I just, it reminded me of the feeling of when I was in the stadium. It completely vibrates your whole body. It was crazy. So crazy. So, I’m just happy that I had a director who has a great ear too.

I heard that you were possibly working on Jake on more material for a fifth album. Is that true?

I am, yes. He’s just such a beast when it comes to lyrics, and he’s working on his own album, which is so great. He’s put together a visual album as well. Just as much as the music is great, the visuals are great as well. So, I can’t wait for everybody to check him and see what he’s doing because I just want to make sure we get into the studio and get at least 10, 12…20 songs down. He’s just so talented. I love him. He has a wonderful energy as well.

Back in March, you said that the new work was inspired by iconic female singers like Diana Ross. Are you still going in the direction for this new record?

You know, I’m still discovering the direction for this new record. I’m experimenting in the studio right now with sounds, with lyrics, with everything. It’s been a lot of fun, but I just felt like I was hearing the same thing over and over again. And I just wanted something different. I wanted a feeling. I just want a moment. So, I’m trying to create that moment in the studio and making sure that I have a message as well in the music. Right now, I’m just trying out some new blood in the studio.

Have you gotten into a different label deal, or are you exploring something new?

I’m just exploring my options. I’m really enjoying the freedom I have right now, and I can’t complain.

Now, we’ve been writing a lot about “Say Yes” with Michelle.

Yay! I love to hear that.

What was the experience like getting back together again?

A lot of fun! I really feel like everybody will love this visual. I can’t say much because it’s not my visual. It’s hers, but I’m very excited for the record, for her. I just think everyone is going to fall even more in love with the record.

I have to ask the obligatory question, even though everyone always asks it. Does this possibly mean that we’ll maybe hear new music from all of you together?

You know what? I think we’ll continue to be spontaneous for now. We’ll continue to be spontaneous for now.

The spontaneity seems to work. Are you doing any live shows or any tours coming up?

I actually just came back from doing a show in Oklahoma. I did a show like a week earlier in Doha. Doha was amazing, and the airplane I flew over there was really amazing.

The airplane? Why?

Well, because the food was good! You know, most flights, it sometimes isn’t as comfortable, but between the food and staff, it was just so nice and comfortable. I just loved it.

Really? Airplane food is never that great.

I know! And get this — this is really going to blow your mind. I had a burger, like a lamb burger, on the plane that felt like somebody was in the back, and they just made it. It was great. I’m not kidding. Hand on a bible. That burger was one of the most delicious meals…it was small, but perfect.

That sounds really good right now. Thank you so much. We appreciate everything you do, and we’re very excited to hear the new stuff.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

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