Demi Lovato’s Big Night Out At The Hollywood Bowl: Live Review

Mike Wass | June 17, 2014 10:28 am

Demi Lovato made her debut at the famed Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles last night (June 16) as part of MYfm’s My Big Night Out event. She shared the bill with fellow pop stars Ed Sheeran, Colbie Caillat and Andy Grammer but arguably stole the show with a hit-filled set complete with an inspirational speech and a couple of unexpected fan favorites.

After opening with recent hit “Heart Attack”, the 21-year-old took it right back with Here We Go Again single “Remember December”. It turned out to be Demi’s (winning) formula for the night — to play something current and then remind everyone that she’s already on her fourth studio album by dusting off an old classic. (“Firestarter” followed by “The Middle” was another quirky but fulfilling combination).

The fiery diva, who rocked fitted black pants and a jacket with gold embellishments, really found her groove on new single “Really Don’t Care”. She rocked out with the guitarist, whipping her lavender-colored hair like a woman possessed. She dialed it right back on the next song — taking a seat to beautifully belt out power ballad “Nightingale”, which she touchingly dedicated to her step-father.

That was followed by my favorite song on latest LP Demi. “Two Pieces” sounds amazing live and gives the pop star the opportunity to let her inner-rock chick run wild. If the album gets a fifth single, I really hope it’s this. It was about time for the singer to get intimate with the adoring crowd. She apologized for killing our buzz (as if) before speaking eloquently about mental illness, eating disorders and self-harm. She then conveyed that message via music with “Warrior”.

If you think that sounds like a tear-jerking experience, you haven’t seen a jam-packed Hollywood Bowl singing along to Frozen ballad “Let It Go”. The former X Factor judge put on a very impressive vocal display and happily waved to Lovatics she recognized in the crowd. After two slow jams, Demi dusted off a couple of upbeat fan faves — the still incredibly catchy “Don’t Forget” and early rock anthem “Got Dynamite”. It was surprising how many spectators knew every word.

The frequent tourer saved EDM adventure “Neon Lights” for last before returning for an encore comprised of “Skyscraper” and “Give Your Heart A Break”. It was the perfect way to end a near-flawless set.

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