Michelle Williams’ Inspirational “Say Yes” Video: The 8 Best Moments

Mike Wass | June 18, 2014 5:58 pm

Michelle Williams‘ heavenly “Say Yes” video premiered today (June 18) and evoked serious nostalgia by reuniting the children of destiny. It was heart-warming to see the gospel diva finally have her moment — singing and dancing her heart out as best friends/sisters Beyonce and Kelly Rowland helped her out by each taking a verse.

There’s so much going on in this visual extravaganza — I could dedicate a whole post to Queen Bey’s dazzling braids — that it demands something of a play-by-play for overwhelmed Destiny’s Child addicts and curious pop fans who caught the holy spirit after being exposed to Michelle’s uplifting gospel banger. See the video’s 8 best/totally accurate moments after the jump.

1. When Michelle finally found out they weren’t singing about food in “Cater 2 U”.

2. When the heavens parted and Shell danced for the Lord.

3. When the choir-fixing diva rocked a beautiful white dress. (The white light in the background may or may not be Jesus).

4. When another holy being wandered on to the set. Those braids, that outfit. Beyonce’s worship game is too strong!

5. When Queen Bey revealed she was wearing short shorts under her biblical attire.

6. When the girls tricked Kelly into wearing her old Destiny’s Child wig.

7. When an extra said they were team TLC.

8. When someone accidentally played “Lose My Breath” between takes.

What’s your favorite moment of “Say Yes”? Let us know in the comments below.

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