Ed Sheeran Raps Through A Fit Of Hysteria In “The Man”: Listen

Christina Lee | June 19, 2014 6:44 am

“I’ll make your little secret public,” Ed Sheeran vows in “The Man.”

Released June 18, the gloomy rap track – yes, he spits throughout, save for the soulful hook – shows yet another expected side of himself, compared to other songs from his next album x. In the Justified-inspired “Sing,” he was drunk in love. In the romantic ballad “Thinking Out Loud,” he sang hopefully of growing old with someone. During the first verse of “The Man,” though, he takes all of his anger out on an unidentified love, who’s threatening to hold him back from pursuing a music career.

By the second verse, though, Sheeran makes clear that he’s rapping through a fit of hysteria. He starts to ask himself whether going for stardom will make him go insane, or whether he’s already gone nuts. Considering how his first-ever headlining arena tour in North America starts in August, “The Man” can be a little disconcerting to hear. There’s no mistaking this for Aloe Blacc‘s triumphant song of the same name.

With x‘s release fast approaching, Sheeran’s now premiered half of the album to fans, plus one song from the deluxe edition. After the jump, hear “The Man” and revisit other songs he’s previewed from x.

Ed Sheeran’s x — tracklist: 1. One 2. Mess 3. Sing 4. Don’t 5. Nina 6. Photo 7. Bloodstream 8. Tenerife 9. Runaway 10. The Man 11. Thinking Out Loud 12. Afire LoveDeluxe tracks: 1. Take It Back 2. Even My Dad Does Sometimes 3. Shirtsleeves 4. I See Fire

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