Coldplay Takes Over Sydney Streets In “A Sky Full Of Stars” Video: Watch

Christina Lee | June 19, 2014 7:58 am

Just two days ago (June 17), Coldplay called for 250 fans to meet in the busy Sydney district Newtown. The Ghost Stories band wanted them to be a part of its “A Sky Full of Stars” video (above), and in a big way: As frontman Chris Martin turned down King Street, met the other band members in front of an “I have a dream” mural, Coldplay played the song as street musicians, greeting and smiling at fans along the way before meeting a crowd at a square. The video’s jerky, as if shot by just one guy on foot.

“The best thing about their music, during concerts even, [is that] their music is very inclusive,” one fan on set said to The Sydney Morning Herald. “You feel a part of the band, really. And even though usually the stadium is so huge and so packed out, you feel so close to them.”

Initially, Coldplay’s “A Sky Full of Stars” video can remind viewers of U2‘s “When the Streets Have No Name” video, which was inspired by a Beatles rooftop performance. It’s fitting, though, that Coldplay played for their fans at street level, rather than above them. The band can never be what it once was in Parachutes, because Coldplay has headlined arena shows practically ever since. But in the “A Sky Full of Stars” video, Coldplay tries its appear just as approachable as it was in “Yellow” — and clearly, no Sydney fan could pass up the chance to see the band up close.

Watch the clip up top.

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