Broods Waxes Nostalgic On Gorgeous New Single, “Mother & Father”: Listen

Bradley Stern | June 19, 2014 11:42 am

We’ve been championing New Zealand imports Broods since the day they dropped their gorgeously moody debut, “Bridges,” back in November of last year. Since that time, the brother-sister duo have only skyrocketed, dropping their self-titled major label debut EP in January and playing their very first showcases in America.

Now, ahead of the release of their upcoming LP Evergreen, the two have just premiered the lead single from the campaign: “Mother & Father.”

True to their melancholy electronic roots, the song is nothing short of an emotional triumph. Georgia and Caleb are evidently growing up fast in their journey to superstardom, as they wax nostalgic across the record about leaving their mother and father and finding their own way: “I remember a time when a kiss on the hand was enough/’Cause we knew we were free and we knew what it meant to be loved,” Georgia nostalgically croons across swirling synthesizers and a solid marching beat. Listen to the gorgeous new single below the cut.

“I don’t want to wake up lonely, I don’t want to just be fine,” she continues on the anthemic chorus. It’s heartbreaking from start to finish, as Georgia looks backward while moving forward: “Those faces start to fade, they’re slipping through my hand/It’s where my heart was made,” she reflects.

It’s the sound of growing up — still unsure, but soldiering on anyway — and they’ve captured it wonderfully in this promising first taste of what’s to come off their debut album.

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