Capital Cities Ride It Out In “One Minute More” Video: Watch

Bradley Stern | June 19, 2014 1:37 pm

It’s been just over a year since we first sat down with Capital Cities in our Popping Up. And then “Safe And Sound” happened on the radio after two years in the making and, well…the rest is history.

Now, the fellas have returned in 2014 with a brand new single: “One Minute More,” the latest cut off of their 2013 debut, In A Tidal Wave Of Mystery. And, like their trumpet-heavy 2013 smash, they’re bringing major summer vibes with this uptempo burst of energy. And what better way to capture that than with a beachside visual full of jet skis, bikini babes and — erm, divorces?! You’ll see.

Watch the video for “One Minute More” up top.

In keeping with the general “seize the moment” feel of the track (highlighted by a Khalil Gibran quote at the start of the clip), the video plays with the idea of balancing joy and sorrow, bouncing between a massive seaside rager and a woman tearfully dealing with a divorce. (Oh, and a whole lot of #PhonePromo, too.) Their worlds quickly cross — in the form of tiny jet skiers surfing along her tears, Honey, I Shrunk The Kids-style (just go with it). Eventually, the whole situation gets flipped, and it’s the jet skiers that are the ones crying all those tears. Why? Watch above and find out.

So what’s the takeaway message here? Don’t wait one minute more. Hydration is key. Also, reconsider divorcing your wife…or something to that effect.

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