Ed Sheeran Debuts ‘x’ Deluxe Edition Tracks “Even My Dad Does Sometimes” & “Shirtsleeves”: Listen

Christina Lee | June 20, 2014 7:55 am

Ed Sheeran has revealed two deluxe edition tracks from his forthcoming album x.

One of them should sound familiar to fans: In 2012, Sheeran performed a previously unreleased song during a concert in New York’s Irving Plaza. At the time, it was titled “Hold On.” Now on x, though, the song is named “Even My Dad Does Sometimes,” referencing the opening lyric: “It’s alright to cry / even my dad does sometimes.” Another, “Shirtsleeves,” is a polished pop-rock ballad where Sheeran vows to be just as romantic as he is in x tearjerker “Photograph,” offering to dry a love’s eyes.

Hear these x deluxe edition tracks after the jump.

Ed Sheeran’s x — tracklist: 1. One 2. Mess 3. Sing 4. Don’t 5. Nina 6. Photograph 7. Bloodstream 8. Tenerife 9. Runaway 10. The Man 11. Thinking Out Loud 12. Afire LoveDeluxe tracks: 1. Take It Back 2. Even My Dad Does Sometimes 3. Shirtsleeves 4. I See Fire

[via MTV]

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