Dr. Luke Teases Nicki Minaj & Juicy J Collaboration

Christina Lee | June 20, 2014 10:36 am

Super-producer Dr. Luke excited fans when he hinted of a Nicki Minaj and Juicy J collaboration – one that’s got him feeling giddy, actually. “Thank you for the verse !!!!!!” he said to Minaj on Twitter, before he referenced a line that she spit: “#MeNickiMIGotTooManyWins.” (Only time will tell if she actually spits that as a hashtag – I hope not.)

Dr. Luke produced Minaj’s debut Pink Print single, “Pills N Potions.” Along with Mike WiLL Made-It, he’s also a featured producer in Juicy J’s next album; while recorded immediately after 2013’s hedonistic Stay Trippy, The Hustle Continues will focus on business rather than pleasure. “The album is going to be me at a CEO level, achieving in the game, a legend in the game,” Juicy J has said, adding, “For anybody that wants to be in the music business, there are gonna be some pointers on how to survive.”

Minaj and Juicy J last collaborated on Wale‘s “Clappers,” released last year. (Legendary line: “Shout out to that cellulite.” Nicki just gets it.) But with Dr. Luke at the soundboard, there’s no telling what’s in store. Remember, he also produced Katy Perry‘s “Dark Horse” — a song that not even police can resist. See cops lip-sync to the Prism hit below.

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