Alicia Keys Confirms New Album Plans: “I Have Much More I Want To Talk About”

Christina Lee | June 24, 2014 9:42 am

Alicia Keys reveals that she has a new album in the works. “With this album, I find I have much more I want to talk about,” she said to WWD.

While posing as the face for Givenchy’s newest fragrance Dahlia Devin (above), Keys has tentatively scheduled her new music for a 2015 release. Her last record, 2012’s Girl On Fire, was her sleekest and most cohesive to date, though she continued to face the same criticism from throughout her career. For all of her hopes to uplift, Keys has a tendency to cast out vague, if not cliched lyrics (“Looks like a girl, but she’s a flame”) instead of revealing herself. Fortunately, she recognizes this now.

“This album is more about the concept, the thought I’m trying to get across, where in the past it’s been more about the melody. This time it’s more about what we’re going through as human beings,” Keys says. For example, one new song she loves is called “Killing Your Mother” – though she urges fans not to read the title literally. “It’s about emotions. I’ll leave it at that,” she says.

See her Givenchy ad in its entirely below. For more on her new music, friendship with Givenchy designer Ricacrdo Tisci and thoughts on the beauty industry, head over to WWD.

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