Lana Del Rey Dies In The Director’s Cut Of “Shades Of Cool”: Watch The Haunting Video

Mike Wass | June 30, 2014 4:08 pm

Lana Del Rey meets a tragic end in the director’s cut of new video “Shades Of Cool”, which was recently posted on a website representing filmmaker Jake Nava. The original isn’t exactly upbeat (the ever-miserable diva falls in love with a much older man with a drug problem) but is so elegant and cinematic that it felt positively romantic — like the opening credits of a really, really twisted James Bond movie.

The new edit of the clip is almost identical to the original. I thought there was some kind of mistake until I got to the very end where Lana appears to drown and sinks to the bottom of a swimming pool. There’s also a psychedelic visual of someone being stabbed to really drive the point home. I can understand why this version wasn’t promoted in light of the controversy surrounding that interview with The Guardian (she told a reporter: “I wish I was dead already”) but it’s perfect for the song and compliments an already brilliant visual.

You can watch the “Shades Of Cool” director’s cut over at This Is Frank. Let us know which edit you prefer in the comments below.

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