The G.R.L. Girls Go Bad In The Video For “Ugly Heart”: Watch

Bradley Stern | July 1, 2014 10:35 am

The G.R.L. girls are pretty — some might say their faces are a work of art. And yet, they’ve got such ugly hearts! At least, that’s how it initially seems in their brand new video.

For the accompanying (and long awaited!) video to their stomping single “Ugly Heart,” the girls get carted out of a tattoo parlor by the po-po, booked at the police station and thrown right into the slammer — all while delivering heaps of hair flips, mean muggin’ and ample shimmying, of course. These girls have gone wild!

But by the end of the video, as the ladies strut their stuff into the line-up room and deliver a mini-dance breakdown, we discover their true crime: Defacing a hot dude with a bunch of “Ugly” tattoos all over his face. “Now your face is like your heart,” Simone sasses in the clip’s final few seconds. Burnnnnn.

As their first video since Smurfs 2 soundtrack anthem “Vacation,” the girls are slowly but surely building a case for themselves to become the next big girl group in the US. Nice one, G.R.L.S.! (And here’s hoping for even more dancing in the next video.)

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