Madonna Posts Poetic “Messiah” Lyrics: Have A Read

Robbie Daw | July 7, 2014 7:48 am

Madonna has been giving good face on Instagram (and in magazines) lately, but she’s also finally dishing up some details on her new music. Last week the Material Matron posted sheet music for a song titled “Messiah” and a clip of an orchestra playing strings for what may be part of the track. Now she’s gone ahead and offered up a chunk of lyrics, and, dare say it, they’re reading like “Like A Prayer” meets “Ray Of Light” — or, in other words, we may just have another Madonna classic on our hands with this one.

In an interview Idolator posted last week with producer Diplo, he said of Madonna, “We’ve written about seven songs now, and hopefully maybe four or five will make it to the album. I’ve done about three weeks with her, and we’re gonna do some more projects at the end of July. She’s just really cool. I think as far as artists reinventing themselves, she did it before anybody else.”

Head below to see the “Messiah” lyrics the Queen Of Pop posted this morning on Instagram.

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