Yes, Adele’s New Album Is Called ’25,’ According To The World Music Awards

Christina Lee | July 16, 2014 7:55 am

News of Adele‘s third album has single-handedly made 2011’s “Rumour Has It” relevant again, and today’s tidbit is no exception. A recent tweet by the World Music Awards seems to confirm that, yes, Adele’s new album is titled 25, while announcing that, yes, she will tour in 2015 to support it. In fact, the awards show assumes that Adele had already made her album title known, while she’s merely hinted that it would fall in line with her first two efforts, 19 and 21.

So far, all Adele has confirmed is that actually, despite her past vocal complications, she does intend to tour for her third album. Thanks to interviews, fans also know who she’s approached for collaborations so far, including Phil Collins, Diane Warren and Ryan Tedder. (The OneRepublic frontman had worked with her on, you guessed it, “Rumour Has It.”) Daily Star has also reported that Adele was planning a surprise, Beyonce-style release for her third album, though while citing unnamed sources.

See the tweet in question below.

Clearly, the anticipation surrounding Adele’s third album is growing. Here’s to hoping that the famed singer answers to it soon.

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