Is A S Club 7 Reunion On The Way?

Bradley Stern | July 18, 2014 8:28 am

It’s been said time and time again: There ain’t no party like a S Club party. It’s a sentiment that still rings true to this day…but will there be a new S Club 7 party sometime soon?

On Wednesday, bandmate Hannah Spearritt posted a rather incriminating tweet: “See y’all tomorrow S’s!”, tagging each bandmate in an old school photo of the whole gang together. Bradley McIntosh replied with a photo of the troupe too. The reunion evidently happened, confirmed after Hannah posted a photo with Tina Barrett and Paul Cattermole. “Last 3 standing! @realtinab1 & @Paulcattermole1 #heatwave #goodtimes lol,” she wrote.

Of course, there’ve been rumblings of a S Club reunion for years: As of June, bandmate-turned-solo UK pop princess Rachel Stevens revealed on Lorraine that the troupe has been “texting and tweeting,” and that “it would be fun” to reunite. Of course, there was that time Bradley, Paul and Jo reunited in 2012 on The Morning Show in Australia (in front of Dannii Minogue, no less!) but…we’re hoping this time around, they’ve got all 7 back together again.

What’s this all about? A new album? One-off performances? Or maybe it’s just for the sake of taking a trip down memory lane together. Who knows? Just don’t stop and never give up. Check out the S Club tweets after the jump, and enjoy a little #FlashbackFriday with a little “Reach.”

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