Life Before “Shower”: Becky G’s 5 Best Early Songs And Features

Mike Wass | July 22, 2014 3:49 pm

Becky G captured lightning in a bottle with Dr. Luke-produced melodic rap/power-pop banger “Shower”. The infectious sing-a-long anthem is storming up the Billboard Hot 100 and on the cusp of cracking the iTunes top 10. It’s the commercial breakthrough we’ve been waiting for since the 17-year-old first started making waves in 2012 with a bunch of cute features.

Given her new profile as the savior of Latin-infused hip-hop/pop, now is as good a time as any to revisit Becky G’s early cuts. While her verse on Cher Lloyd‘s “Oath” is perhaps her best-known feature, she also brightened up Cody Simpson‘s “Wish U Were Here” (still his best single) and stole the show on the rap remix of Kesha‘s “Die Young”. Fall in love with teen’s back catalogue after the jump.

5. “Can’t Get Enough” — Becky G feat. Pitbull

The highlight of Ms. G’s recent Play It Again EP reached number one on the Latin Rhythm chart (I don’t know what that is either) but it should have been a massive crossover pop smash. “Can’t Get Enough” is the rising diva’s catchiest party anthem and Pit’s Spanglish feature is a winner.

4. “Wish U Were Here” — Cody Simpson feat. Becky G

Before reinventing himself as the teenage, guitar-strumming Jack Johnson, Aussie pop star Cody Simpson dabbled in dance-pop and he got it just right with Dr. Luke at the helm of this gem, which was made even cuter and catchier by the addition of Becky G rapping about buses, trains and jet-packs.

3. “Becky From The Block” — Becky G

It’s pretty ambitious to cover a song this closely associated with Jennifer Lopez but the “Shower” singer makes it her own iconic rhymes like: “if you wanna date me you gotta ask my daddy, and my 30 uncles — you can meet them in an alley”. Hell, J.Lo even graces the video with a cameo! A not-so-guilty pleasure.

2. “Die Young” — Kesha feat. Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa and Becky G

This raised a lot of eyebrows when it dropped in late 2012. First of all, the idea of tarnishing Kesha’s flawless “Die Young” with a rap remix sounded like a bad idea to begin with and Becky G seemed like an odd choice to spit bars alongside Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa. As it turns out, she more than holds her own and this is still all kinds of dope.

1. “Hola Hola” — Becky G

Someone needs to make a justice for “Hola Hola” hashtag on Twitter. This infectious Latin club-banger is utterly addictive and boasts amazing lyrics like: “had to tell my ex adios because you were hotter than a jalapeno, my lingo is bilingual here’s my number bingo.” It’s time to free this from the vault!

What’s your favorite early Becky G anthem? Let us know in the comments below.

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