Hilary Duff’s New Album Was Inspired By “Folkier-Type” Music

Bradley Stern | July 25, 2014 12:10 pm

The Hilary Duff comeback is now in full swing, and we’re learning more about what to expect with each passing day.

After teasing a remix of her forthcoming single “Chasing The Sun” last night at Marquee in NYC, the “Come Clean” pop princess revealed in an interview with PopJustice that her upcoming album isn’t quite going in the electronic direction she initially embarked upon when we spoke to her last year. Check out what she had to say after the jump.

“I got inspired by some of the folkier-type music. I love Mumford & Sons and I love The Lumineers. It’s definitely a straightforward pop album but with a bit of that influence in there,” she explained.

“Folkier”? Sounds like this comeback’s heading down a more rootsy, artistic direction (a la pop princess Mandy Moore‘s 2007 makeover Wild Hope) than following in the footsteps of her previous dance record, Dignity.

When asked about the previously reported EDM direction, she was quick to shut that conversation down: “No, it’s all gone! (Laughs) Even though that’s where I started. A few songs I came up with were really cool and you kind of get heartbroken when you realize no one’s ever going to hear them and they’re going to be trashed.”

Lucky enough for diehard fans, Hilary responded positively to the idea of releasing the dance tracks after the record’s release, too. “After the album’s at the end of its cycle that would be cool to let the fans see a different side, but it wasn’t the push that I wanted to have out there,” she explained.

Make sure to check out the full interview over at PopJustice.

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