Whatcha Say: Azealia Banks, Jessie J And Madonna Got Our Readers Talking

Rachel Sonis | August 1, 2014 5:30 pm

Happy Friday, Idolator readers, and cheers to another glorious and, at times, scandalous week in pop.

It was the week of the comeback as Azealia Banks released her latest self-proclaimed “ass-clapper” “Heavy Metal And Reflective,” and Hilary Duff finally premiered her much-anticipated tune “Chasing The Sun,” as well as the song’s video. In addition, our favorite brooding “Brooklyn Baby” Lana Del Rey released the video for her album title track “Ultraviolence,” Kansas soulstress Janelle Monae threw a major sorority bash in her new “Electric Lady” clip, and Nick Jonas got all chained up in his new dark visual for latest single “Chains.”

What’s more, here on Idolator, we chatted with hip-pop outfit Kalin And Myles about their recent EP Chase Dreams, as well as premiering Austrailian troupe The Janoskian’s video for “This Freakin Song.”

As per usual, you guys had plenty to say. Read the round of some of this week’s best comments below.

:: LaurennSamantha Macdonald showed some love for hip-pop duo on Popping Up: Kalin And Myles: “the fangirl part definitely sounds like Myles! haha but I am so proud of those boys, they never stop working and never fail to make amazing music! :)”

::Sven Keibooms supports Lady Gaga’s new collab-album with Tony Bennett — but only for the love of Gaga — on Tony Bennett And Lady Gaga’s “Anything Goes”: Listen To The ‘Cheek To Cheek’ Duet: “I’m not a jazz fan, but I will probably buy this album… Why? Because it’s Gaga.”

::The Animated Lizzie McGuire thought that Hilary’s new “Chasing The Sun” video was boring, yet “charming,” on Hilary Duff’s “Chasing The Sun” Video: Watch Her Dream Of The Perfect Vacation: “That was incredibly cute but I was hoping to be SLAYED. Oh well, still charming!”

:: Chase sided with Katy on Katy Perry Shades Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga (Sort Of) In ‘Rolling Stone’ Interview: “I agree with Katy Perry. You’re only a musician, not the second coming and believe me.. NONE of these idiots that claim to die for their fan would really give up their lives for a fan. That’s ridiculous! They’re too greedy and they all love their money.”

:: And Reymon had a novel idea: “Sometimes I wonder , what would happen if we lock all this STARS, in a room for six months, with no cameras and no contact to the outside world.Would they realize that they all came from the same place and are going back to where they came from.?Do they really know what they are looking for? When all empires fall, all we are left with, is the memory of the good times with spent with them. All bet you, they would all come out as friends.”

:: While Wut sort of came for us: “I don’t think she’s making fun or throwing shade or anything. It seems like she’s just stating a fact. There was no words of judgement there, she’s just saying this is this and that is that. I think what she meant by the ass biting thing is that articles like these come out trying to turn her words into insults and drama. Katy’s just being Katy.”

::Sam doesn’t seem too impressed with Troye Sivan on Who Is Troye Sivan? 10 Facts About The “Happy Little Pill” Hitmaker: “I don’t think this is anything we didn’t already hear on Pure Heroine last year or what we’ll hear from BROODS debut album this year or what we’re hearing from Thomston on SoundCloud right now except they all do it 100 times better.”

::Jane, on the other hand, begged to differ: “Pure Heroin was overrated. Lorde just seems like a Lana Del Ray knockoff, while this guy is actually quite original.”

::Dan was all-in on Jessie J’s latest hit “Bang Bang” with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj on Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj’s “Bang Bang”: Listen To The Collaboration: “This song SLAYS! Not only are Jessie and Ariana’s vocals on point but Nicki’s verse is insane. This HAS to be a hit! It’s AMAZING!”

::Shaun Howard got bent out of shape on Madonna And Miley Cyrus Are Collaborating On A New Track? All The Signs Are There: “Desperate for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If Madonna was to do it right she should work with Kylie Minogue on a song!!! That would be a pop masterpiece, not working with all these try hard young pop stars it was kewl when she did it with Christina and Britney back in 2003 but come on its getting over the top now and kinda boring….. Madonna is loosing her way since ‘Confessions Of A Dacefloor’.”

::Tribe thinks that Neon Hitch’s new single “Yard Sale” is a sure-fire hit on Neon Hitch Cleans Out Her Closet With “Yard Sale”: Listen: “LOVE IT. I HAVE NO WORDS. THE BEST THING SHE HAS DONE SO FAR! Can’t wait to buy it 5th August and watch the video that day too!

:: Dyl got defensive when it came to Azealia Azealia Banks’ “Heavy Metal And Reflective”: Listen If You Must: “Honestly why write this article if your just going to always be negative about Azealia. Who gives a rats ass about her twitter drama its not like no one has ever had beef with someone else and when shes making music its the music it should be about. Although this single is pretty weak compared to some of her other stuff its not completely crap.”

::Artistfreedom also noted that Azealia is unique and can’t be put in a box: ”I really like Azealia, sure she might go cray-cray on twitter…but you know what she is DIFFERENT! She ISN’T stuffed with implants and doesn’t spit ghost-written bars on over-used DJ Mustard/Red One beats. She is unique and care-free AKA WHAT AN ARTISt IS SUPPOSED TO BE!”

:: And finally, Wowzers was interested to see what would end up on this week’s Whatcha Say: “Lol it will be interesting to see what comments they use in their “whatcha say” I doubt they pick any of us standing up for this song/artist.”

Hopefully we did the comments some sort of justice, Wowzers.

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