Goldfrapp’s “Laurel” Video: Idolator Premiere

Robbie Daw | August 4, 2014 6:35 am

Goldfrapp finally conclude the rollout of cinematic Tales Of Us video clips that started last summer with the final short film in the series,  “Laurel,” which Idolator is premiering today. Like previous clips “Drew,” “Annabel,” “Stranger” and “Jo,” this one was directed by Lisa Gunning (though unlike the others it was shot in Los Angeles).

Watch above as the title character, a girl with “red, red hair and almond eyes,” spends her days swimming and doing mundane tasks like painting her nails before taking on her work duties as an exotic dancer by nightfall.

Last year Alison Goldfrapp spoke to Idolator about making the short films that accompany Tales Of Us, and she had this to say:

I’ve always had a funny relationship with videos. There are some that I love — I really loved working with Dawn Shadforth and Dougal Wilson — but generally speaking, I’ve always felt quite uncomfortable about videos. We got about halfway through the album and we thought it’d be great if Lisa got involved. She’s my partner and she’s a really experienced film editor. She said, “I’d love to do something for you.” And I thought, god, yeah, of course. So we all decided what a great idea it would be, and it’d be fun to do. And I’m so pleased — it’s just been an amazing experience working with her. You know, at the beginning I was a little nervous about working with my partner. Sometimes that’s not necessarily the best idea. [Laughs] But I just enjoyed every minute of it. I’ve never had such fun making videos.

Watch “Laurel” above and let us know your thoughts on Goldfrapp’s new visual below.

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