Colbie Caillat’s “The Way I Was” From ‘The Walking Dead: Songs Of Survival, Vol. 2’: Idolator Premiere

Robbie Daw | August 5, 2014 8:27 am

Fresh off her latest single “Try” and writing Hilary Duff‘s comeback offering “Chasing The Sun,” Colbie Caillat is turning out even more new music. Of course, her sweet and sunny brand of pop and flesh-devouring zombies don’t exactly go hand in hand. But the country-tinged “The Way I Was,” Caillat’s soundtrack contribution to The Walking Dead: The Complete Fourth Season companion LP Songs Of Survival, Vol. 2, has just the right twang to fit with the AMC series’ southern location. (The soundtrack is available with purchase of The Walking Dead‘s fourth season Blu-Ray and DVD sets, only through Walmart.)

“Now I won’t be afraid, when the last pictures begin to fade of how we were,” Caillat sings wistfully on the new song.

As for her involvement with The Walking Dead, Colbie tells Idolator the following: “My boyfriend Justin and I love the show, started watching it on tour years ago and have been a fan of the music they use bringing emotion to every scene. So happy we could be a part of it!”

Listen to Colbie’s Walking Dead soundtrack song “The Way I Was” above, and let us know your thoughts on the track below!

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