Neon Hitch Celebrates Her Independence In Colorful “Yard Sale” Video: Watch

Bradley Stern | August 5, 2014 10:03 am

Last week, gypsy-pop princess Neon Hitch let us know she was having a “Yard Sale.” And, judging by the newly released music video, she wasn’t kidding: She’s quite literally having a yard sale.

That’s right: The Eleutheromaniac diva’s cleaning up shop and ditching all of her old trinkets and memories, and she’s enlisted a bunch of her pals to help pack it all up, tape it down and, when all else fails, toss s–t right out the window.

The colorful trailer park romp sees the diva taking out the trash (in the form of an un undesirable, duct taped dude), breaking it down on the street with her neighbors, swinging from a swing made of recyclables and luxuriously floating across a trash-strewn pool while getting coated in colorful dyes, Color Run style. Hell, there’s even some choreography! I don’t remember yard sales ever being this much fun. Clearly, I’ve been doing it all wrong.

If there was any question whether or not Neon’s newly independent status as a pop starlet were a cause for celebration, this should put an end to that doubt. Dive in up top, and let us know what you think the comments below.

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