Gorgon City Reveal ‘Sirens’ Album Cover, Tracklist Features Jennifer Hudson, Erik Hassle & Katy B

Robbie Daw | August 11, 2014 6:44 am

Earlier this year, Gorgon City released their MNEK-featuring house delight “Ready For You Love” and “Here For You,” a dance cut in a similar lane with Laura Welsh on vocals. Now, with new single “Unmissable” on the way, the UK duo have unveiled the creature-feature cover for their upcoming debut album Sirens (out October 7 in the US, and available for pre-order on iTunes now). Medusa and her snake-haired sisters Stheno and Euryale were Gorgons in Greek mythology, in case the cover art is giving you pause for thought.

The above-mentioned singles made the cut for the final tracklist, as did the 2013 release “Real” featuring Yasmin. Other vocalists on board for the pair’s debut album include Jennifer Hudson (on a song called “Go All Night”), Erik Hassle (“FTPA”), Katy B (“Lover Like You”) and Maverick Sabre (on the album’s opening track “Coming Home”).

One song that doesn’t appear to be included is “Intentions,” a collaboration between Gorgon City and Clean Bandit that was released last year.

Gorgon City’s Matt Robson-Scott told Idolator the following in July:

“…it’s been crazy, being able to do music with great vocalists and great songwriters, getting signed to Virgin in the UK and just touring, doing crazy tours, amazing shows all over the world. It’s been a lot of fun, a bit tiring, but we’ve finally got to the final stage of the album.”

Gorgon City, Sirens – tracklist

1. Coming Home (featuring Maverick Sabre) 2. Ready For Your Love (featuring MNEK) 3. Lover Like You (featuring Katy B) 4. Here For You (featuring Laura Welsh) 5. FTPA (featuring Erik Hassle) 6. Go All Night (featuring Jennifer Hudson) 7. Unmissable (featuring Zak Abel) 8. Real (featuring Yasmin) 9. Imagination (featuring Katy Menditta) 10. 6 AM (featuring Tish Hyman) 11. Elevate (featuring Anne-Marie) 12. Take It All (featuring The Six) 13. Hard On Me (featuring Maverick Sabre)


14. Try Me Out (featuring Anne-Marie) 15. No More (featuring L.I.V.) 16. Here For You (featuring Laura Welsh) (VEVO Lift Performance) 17. Doing It Wrong (featuring L.I.V.)

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