10 Things To Expect From Madonna’s Next Album

Kathy Iandoli | August 20, 2014 5:30 am

5. Some Songs Titles Are Better Than None

Okay, so far we have the aforementioned “Messiah” and “Rebel Heart,” along with “Bitch, I’m Madonna.” There are a few more though! Madonna has been all over her Instagram #hashtagging what seem like song titles. One is “Living For Love,” and then we have “#UnapologeticBitch” and “Trust No Bitch,” in addition to all of the others. That’s a lot of bitching going on, no? The titles sound like they’ll be a stark contrast to the little bits of music we’ve already heard. That’s fine, though! Perhaps the project will be equal parts emotional and badass. We’ll take it. Also, just two days ago, Madonna posted a pic of her doing an elbow stand from the Re-Invention Tour with #UnapologeticBitch hashtagged and the caption “What was I thinking? The world is upside down!” So, we have five song titles and a few bits of music/lyrics. Will there be five more to come? Seven? Hopefully more clues arrive soon.

4. William Orbit Approves

If you don’t know the role that William Orbit plays in Madonna’s career, then you’ll at least know the songs: Orbit produced some of Madge’s most noteworthy songs from 1998 onward, including “Ray Of Light,” “Frozen,” “The Power Of Good-Bye,” “Beautiful Stranger” — the list goes on. He also collaborated heavily with Madonna on MDNA, (which was arguably the most lackluster out of the M-catalog), but he’s heard the new Madonna album and it “sounds good.” That might not seem like a lot, but for someone who has worked with Madonna through some of her greatest (and not so great!) work, he knows what sounds good. No official word on whether or not he’s producing on the album.

3. Okay, so who IS producing?

While Diplo is already a definite, we have some other top-shelf producers helping to shape Madonna’s vision. Avicii is on board, as the two have been exchanging cute Instagram “In the studio” updates. Ariel Rechtshaid has also been in the studio with Madge. (You might know his work from Kylie Minogue, HAIM, No Doubt, Usher, Sky Ferreira and many others.) Symbolyc One (S1) is working with Madonna, too. He produced Kanye West’s “Power,” among other major hip-hop cuts. One rumored producer of epic proportions is Giorgio Moroder. News of him working on the album came as early as last year, back when it was assumed that Madonna’s next project would be totally disco. Since she’s changed the direction a bit and has been working with newer talent, Moroder might not make the cut. (That collaboration would be fabulous, though.)

2. Write On, MoZella

In addition to top-tier producers, Madge has enlisted the pens of some major songwriters too. Toby Gad is involved — he wrote Beyoncé’s “If I Were A Boy” and Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry.” Cherrytree Records founder and songwriter Martin Kierszenbaum has also been writing on the project (he A&R’ed Lady Gaga’s early days) along with his artist Natalia Kills. One writer has come full circle: MoZella, who was formerly signed to Madonna’s Maverick Records, has evolved from a pop singer to a respected songwriter. Her most recent contribution to songwriting is Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball.” Now she’s writing for Madonna. Go figure.

1. Speaking Of Miley Cyrus…

Yes, you may have already heard… Miss Miley Cyrus is rumored to be collaborating with Madonna for her album. Once again, this is all pulled from their Internet banter, but after Madge popped up for Miley’s Unplugged, it’s obvious they’re pals.

From the looks of all of this, Madonna’s 13th album will be something to remember, full of big names and big tunes. Oh by the way, Disclosure is also on the album. NBD.

Revisit Madonna’s most #unapologeticbitch moments:

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