Whatcha Say: Calvin Harris, Meghan Trainor And The Knocks Got Our Readers Talking

Rachel Sonis | August 15, 2014 5:30 pm

Happy Friday, Idolator readers! Even if summer’s beginning to come to a close, things are still pretty heated in the world of pop.

First, and foremost, the Duffpocalypse is still going strong, as Hilary Duff released her “Chasing The Sun” follow-up “All About You.” What’s more, Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora channeled their inner Uma Thurman  in their Kill Bill-esque Black Widow” video, a radio DJ spilled the beans about an upcoming Taylor Swift song, and UK’s X-Factor alum Ella Henderson released her anthemic second single “Glow.”

Here on Idolator, we had a star-studded week of our own: From  “All About That Bass” gal Meghan Trainor to New York electro duo The Knocks to UK soulstress Jessie J to American Idol’s latest victor Caleb Johnson, we spoke to a ton of artists about their respective music journeys, as well as their upcoming projects.

As per usual, we could always count on you guys for having plenty to say. Read some of this week’s best comments below.

:: Anthony Gilbert Aragon is busy speculating about Tay’s upcoming single on Radio DJ Spills Alleged Details About Taylor Swift’s Upcoming Single (Warning: Spoiler Alert!): “I can’t wait to hear the new single, and album. I wonder if she is going to go full out pop or if their will be a taste of country.”

:: Jazz straight shades Nicki Minaj’s “ass-sets” on Nicki Minaj Now Has More Hot 100 Entries Than Michael Jackson (But Not As Many As The ‘Glee’ Cast): “She’s just gross…what a fat-butt.”

:: In turn, Sir Mix-A-Lot  quotes his own “Baby Got Back” for some much-needed comic relief: “OK Becky…she looks like one of those rap guys’ girlfriends. But who understands those rap guys?”

:: Kristina thought that One Direction needs a personality-check on One Direction Are Working On New Music, And It’s “A Little Bit More Edgy”: “Before they go edgy, they should focus on giving their music some personality. Every one of their songs I’ve ever heard is glossy, over-produced, and vocally and lyrically empty. Maybe once they make a song that isn’t generic fluff, then they can do something ‘edgy.’”

:: WordsWithSam loves that Iggy keeps it real from the get-go on  Iggy Azalea’s Pre-Fame Pop Song “Nothing Like Me” Surfaces Online: Watch The Britney-Tastic Video: “’Firstly, Iggy still has that southern drawl. Which means that, for whatever reason, she’s been using it since landing on American soil and didn’t just adopt it to sound ‘more urban.’ Secondly, those buns are still outrageous — meaning they are most likely real.’Thank you for pointing these out.’ I was pleasantly surprised to see these things, especially the vocal aspect. I don’t really care what she does with her body, it’s her decision to make. But the fact that she performs that way here is good to see. I still don’t know where I fall on the debate, but I think it’s a little crazy to call the whole act racist due to an accent.”

:: Michelle is looking for answers on Calvin Harris Says He “Had A Damn Good Reason” To Block Rita Ora’s TCA Performance: “I hope it is good, because it seems like he is just losing out on an opportunity to make money.”

:: Rob, on the other hand, came to Calvin Harris’ defense on “People keep making statements about how he’s losing out on money…clearly he doesn’t care if he is losing money. Money isn’t always everything, people. He seems to be doing just fine on his own with his singles. I feel like because they are celebrities people are so quick to be like ‘oh he’s mean, he’s petty, etc.’ We all handle situations like breakups differently, whether it be maturely or immaturely. Everyone acts like they’ve never had a bad breakup when it comes to celebrity breakups. If this is how he wants to deal with it, so be it. They chose to mix business with pleasure and this is the result of it. Let them handle it in the way they want to.”

:: Anthony loved the look of Iggy and Rita’s “Black Widow” but saw room for improvement on “Black Widow” Video: Watch Iggy Azalea And Rita Ora Go ‘Kill Bill’ Over A Cheesy Bacon Sandwich: “The visuals and production of the video is top notch, but couldnt they come up with a better plot?”

:: Bill Griffith said that Fifth Harmony’s album cover is “no bueno” on Fifth Harmony Unveil Their Sassy ‘Reflection’ Album Cover, Prep For VMAs Pre-Show Performance: “First of all, I love Fifth Harmony. This album cover, however is no bueno. Norami and Camilla’s poses look awkward; one of them is wearing a horrible ensemble; Dinah’s facial expression and pose are SO sexual (she’s 17!) and the five of them just looks badly photoshopped together.
I’m sure the music will be MUCH better than the album cover, though, and I wish them continued success!”

:: And finally, Dandy loved Hilary’s new jam “All About You” on Hilary Duff Gets It Just Right On Super Catchy “All About You”: Listen To Her New Single: “YAS HILARY!! Now go buy the single for a proper comeback single!”

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