The 10 Dorkiest Moments In Taylor Swift’s Feel-Good “Shake It Off” Video

Mike Wass | August 18, 2014 5:37 pm

The theme of Taylor Swift‘s perky new pop anthem “Shake It Off” is to dance like there’s no one watching and she certainly does that in the feel-good video. Literally and figuratively. The 24-year-old geeks out in a number of dance scenarios because a) she’s living in a magical fucks-free bubble and b) it’s a lot more fun than standing around and pretending to be cool.

To celebrate the return of Tay Tay, I’ve pulled together the 10 dorkiest moments in her “Shake It Off” video. These range from mildly embarrassing (dressing like Lady Gaga circa The Fame) to LOL-worthy antics like the world’s worst twerk and incompetent rhythmic gymnastics. Turn your life around by joining Taylor’s DGAF movement after the jump.

The 10 dorkiest moments of “Shake It Off”:

10. When Taylor channels Beyonce‘s “Countdown” video.

9. When she strikes this pose.

8. When Tay steals Lady Gaga’s look.

7. When the country queen explores modern dance.

6. When the Red diva takes a tumble doing ballet.

5. When she is blinded by a veil.

4. When the 24-year-old ruins rhythmic gymnastics.

3. When Taylor confirms that she’s the whitest woman in America.

2. When the twerking craze ends.

1. This speaks for itself.

Relive all these magical moments by watching the video (again) below:

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