Shirtless Lenny Kravitz Keeps The ‘Sex’ Campaign Rolling With Hot Instagram Pic

Robbie Daw | August 19, 2014 11:43 am

Dude, Lenny Kravitz at age 50 is more ripped than you were at 23. He’s more ripped than you were at 27 and he looks better at 50 than you ever will at 40. It’s truly a sad state of affairs.

Kravitz, who also popped a photo of his bulging, leather-clad crotch on the cover of his aptly-titled single “Sex,” decided to rub all this in by posting the above Instagram snap, which you can see full size below. He included this caption: “Miami bedroom rehearsal. 105 degrees. Air conditioner broke. Ghetto like I likes it!”

Great. So instead of calling the repair guy to simply fix the damn contraption, Lenny decided to give us all a severe case of body dysmorphia.

Thanks for that, Cinna.

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