The Summer 2014 Idolator Video Floppy Awards: Alison Gold, Farrah Abraham, Avril Lavigne, Lady Gaga & More Sweep The Floppys!

Jonathan Riggs | August 21, 2014 7:37 am

Face it, kids: the MTV VMAs are hopelessly out of touch. I mean, Paris Hilton hasn’t even been nominated!


That’s why we here at Idolator have decided to right the music industry’s wrongs by celebrating its TRUE triumphs via our very first Video Floppy Awards. #sorrynotsorry all other award shows — you ain’t NOTHING next to Idolator’s Floppys!

Below you’ll find the snubbed videos that we felt were most worthy of being singled out in at least some category or other. Oh, and just FYI, we’ll be hauling the Floppys out whenever we damn well please. Why wait a whole year when the cycle of floptitude is constantly twirling around us at any given moment?

You’ve been warned.

WORST AXE-BODY-SPRAY-SCENTED DESPERATION: Robin Thicke, “Get Her Back —Straight up, Robin, Paula’s not gonna love you forever. And apparently, neither are the people who downloaded “Blurred Lines” by the millions last summer.

WORST ASSAULT ON ASIAN CULTURE: Alison Gold, “Chinese Food” & Avril Lavigne, “Hello Kitty” (tie) — Not since the era of Love. Angel. Music. Baby. have North American pop stars so aggressively objectified Asian culture and people as props.