Britney Spears Calls Out Her Cheating Ex Live On Stage In Las Vegas: Watch

Bradley Stern | September 2, 2014 8:39 am

No one gets away with cheating on our Brit Brit.

Last week, the “Work Bitch” superstar revealed (quite candidly) that she is now single on Twitter (“Ahhh the single life!”), which led to a string of TMZ stories (and a hilarious Instagram) detailing the break-up: Reportedly, ex David Lucado cheated on B, and there’s a tape involved. Or something like that. Regardless, Miss Britney Spears just ain’t got time for that foolishness and f–kery — and she’s speaking out about it.

During Sunday night’s show of Piece Of Me residency, Britney decided to speak up about the situation in an incredible mini-rant to her adoring fans: “The best thing about your boyfriend cheating on you…is that you get to go on another first date. Oh em gee, a first date! Woooooo!“ she exclaimed. Something more personal, indeed!

Check out the clip after the jump.

Look: We’d never want to see anyone break B’s heart, but this newfound sense of Independentney has got us seriously shaking and crying with joy. That classic Brit Brit personality is back! Besides, she’s Britney Spears — there’ll always be better, more loyal boys knocking on her door asking for a first date.

You tell ’em, Britney!

[Photo via Britney-Galaxy]

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