Whatcha Say: Sam Smith, Jennifer Lopez And Marina And The Diamonds Got Our Readers Talking

Bradley Stern | September 5, 2014 5:30 pm

It’s been another insane week in pop. What else is new?

With fall just around the corner, there were plenty of exciting revelations and teases in the past week, including Betty Who‘s glam album cover, Marina And The Diamonds“Froot” tease and Nick Jonas‘ upcoming self-titled solo album, due out in November. Also, on an unrelated but amazing note, Britney called out her cheating ex live on stage in Las Vegas. Get ’em, B!

Right here in Idolator HQ, we premiered new tracks and videos from Morning Parade and Priory, and also sat down with UK dance duo Gorgon City for an interview about their upcoming album. Plus, we launched our “Best Of August” poll. Which August album was your favorite?

As always, you guys had plenty to say. Check out the week’s best comments below!

:: Upon hearing the “Froot” teaser, Fan4me got super excited on Marina & The Diamonds Teases New Song “Froot”: Listen: “SOOOOOO ready! Queen Marina coming to slay lessers once more! This song sounds angelic.”

:: Reymon decided that Lady Gaga was ahead of the curb, err…booty, on Bobby Brackins’ Classy “Hot Box” Cover Art Gives Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” A Run For Its Money: “it´s all “ART” it looks like Lady Gaga started a derriére movement!”

:: collegelife had a lot of thoughtful commentary to bring to the table on Sam Smith Talks About Coming Out As A New Artist, Says He Doesn’t Want To Be A Gay Spokesman: “I loooove sam smith! I hope he finds the sexiest boyfriend ever!”

:: While David C. weighed in on Facebook: “Kind of selfish of him tbh, he’s huge right now. So many people are listening to him and he has so much attention and he’s not gonna use his voice to help his own community. We need more LGBT artists and LGBT friendly artists to voice for us and when one doesn’t “want to” it’s kind of a stab in the back to all of us fighting for equality, regardless of his reasoning.”

:: As did Karabo M.: “I totally understand his view. He doesnt want to be labeled as a gay star or anouther Cher. He wants to be a star who’s not defined by who he’d want to stay with him”

:: Although Billboard declared “Fancy” the Song Of Summer ’14, Chris had a different song in mind on Will Nico & Vinz’s “Am I Wrong” Be 2014′s Song Of The Summer?: “This shoulda been the song of the summer. Absolutely the best song to come along in ages. It’s different and original, and it has 65 million views on You Tube, if that’s any indication of peoples’ love for this song. Other songs up for this honor are not even in the same category, IMHO. Stay With Me was in the running, but no offense to anyone in particular, a lot of the others are not.”

:: On Facebook, Mandy P. didn’t think Afrojack’s sound was so revolutionary on Afrojack Shares Unreleased Katy Perry “This Is How We Do” Remix, Talks “New Pop Sound” For 2015: “And this sounds different how? Sounds exactly the same as pop music now.”

:: And finally, also on Facebook, Phuong pointed out the true meaning of booty on Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Her Iconic Booty In ‘Elle’ Magazine: “That’s what a REAL booty look like. Sorry Kim & Nicki.”

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