Pink Forms Duo You + Me With Dallas Green, Announces Album & Releases New Song: Listen

Robbie Daw | September 8, 2014 11:26 am

It’s perfectly within the realm of possibility in 2014 for any artist to pull a “Beyonce,” yet we don’t quite know if this latest incident of such a thing in the world of pop counts as a full-on “Beyonce” or if it’s something entirely different. So let’s just spit it out: Pink has a new album coming on October 14. But it’s not billed as Pink, it’s billed as an album by You + Me (stylized you+me), a duo she’s formed with Canadian singer-songwriter Dallas Green of one-man project City And Colour. And the album, titled rose ave. and being released by Pink’s label RCA, is folk music.

This is a lot of completely out-of-the-blue information to take in, but here’s another pair of zingers for you: 1.) A press release for the album refers to Pink by her given name of Alecia Moore — in other words, this is clearly not a “Pink pop music” project, just so you know, and 2.) There’s already a (quite lovely, though, again — not pop in the “pop” sense) song from You + Me to listen to…called “You And Me.” Hear it below!

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