Andre 3000 Covers ‘Billboard,’ Talks OutKast Reunion And Rumors Of New Music

Christina Lee | September 26, 2014 8:13 am

Andre 3000 covers the latest issue of Billboard and talks of how he returned to the spotlight for the first time in seven years, with OutKast‘s high-profile reunion tour. Also discussed: his starring role as Jimi Hendrix in biopic Jimi: All Is By My Side. The story finds him in limbo: On one hand, he continues to lay down sought-after guest verses, worth at least $100,000 each. On the flip side, he doesn’t feel that he can top the music he created starting 20 years ago and up until OutKast’s last album, 2007’s Idlewild.

My opposition is time, age,” Andre says to Billboard. “You can make music forever, but I think there’s a magic window. I think you can go beyond your magic window and still be the greatest instrumentalist and greatest artist, but anything outside that magic window is just not resonating the same.”

So, despite OutKast’s reunion tour being well-received – the duo is performing three homecoming shows this weekend in Atlanta – Andre hasn’t felt inspired (yet) to reunite with his partner-in-rhyme Big Boi in the studio. (“We don’t have, like, one song. There’s no trickery or nothing like that,” Dre says, to reports of a new OutKast album.) And while the duo’s label, Epic Records says that people may hear solo albums from each member, Andre himself isn’t so sure.

I know Big Boi’s [working on his]; I haven’t even started on [mine]. I’ve got to find something I’m excited about,” he says.

Read the full cover story on Andre 3000 at Billboard.

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