Pop Music Wishlist: 10 Blondes Who Need To Make A Comeback

Bianca Gracie | October 13, 2014 7:00 am

3. Mandy Moore

If you ask people who were the most memorable female singers to come out of 1999’s dance-pop wave, they would most likely say Britney, Christina and Jessica Simpson. But there was another blonde that many have probably overlooked: Mandy Moore.

The then-15 year old singer made her debut within the same time frame as the other girls, but for some reason she didn’t get her deserved shine. She could be just as sassy as her competitors (as evidenced by songs like “Candy”). Yet she could also switch it up with heartfelt ballads like 2000’s “I Wanna Be With You,” featured on the Center Stage soundtrack. Moore continued to make music up until her sixth LP, Amanda Leigh (released in 2009), but she eventually focused more on acting and left singing as a side project.

4. Jessica Simpson

Let’s face it: Christina and Jessica had the strongest vocals. With songs like 1999’s “I Wanna Love You Forever,” 2001’s “Irresistible” and even 2006’s “I Belong To Me,” Simpson had a solid catalog of hits that set herself apart from the other blondes of her era.

The last original music we heard from Simpson was back in 2008, with her tame (read: forgettable) sixth LP, Do You Know. It was specifically a country record, which was the primary mistake. The singer does pop so well, which is why she needs to return to the industry. She’s now a fashion entrepreneur and a mother, but that shouldn’t stop her from snatching these lessors’ wigs. Look at Britney and Christina! If they can balance personal life and business, then so can Jessica.