Pop Music Wishlist: 10 Blondes Who Need To Make A Comeback

Bianca Gracie | October 13, 2014 7:00 am

When Gwen Stefani and Fergie announced their musical comebacks this year, the pop world was ecstatic. Apart from her work with No Doubt on 2012’s Push And Shove, Stefani has not put out any solo projects since 2006’s Sweet Escape. Fergie, on the other hand, kept herself busy with the Black Eyed Peas. But her 2006 debut, The Dutchess, was in dire need of a sophomore follow-up.

Along with their incredibly catchy tunes, they were also known for their bright blond locks – which definitely added to their bold and confident personalities. Eight years later, these two ladies are aiming to take over the pop scene as solo artists once again. But there are a few more blondes who deserve another shot at music stardom.

In no particular order, here are 10 blond-haired divas from yesteryear who should make a comeback sooner than later!

1. Vitamin C

New Jersey native Vitamin C made her debut in 1999 with her self-titled album, which included summery jams like “Smile” and everyone’s favorite sappy end-of-school anthem “Graduation (Friends Forever).” Out of the other blonde divas dominating that year (Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey), Vitamin C was a refreshing burst of energy who didn’t rely on overtly sexual themes for her music.

Her voice may not have been the strongest, but the sweet nature of her tone made her songs fun to listen to. After More, her last album in 2001, the singer switched to acting and became Nickelodeon’s VP of Music in 2012. She needs to use that job to her advantage and make another LP!

2. Willa Ford

Amanda Lee Modano, aka Willa Ford, seemingly came out of nowhere with her 2001 debut album Willa Was Here. The singer took notes from the likes of Christina Aguilera, and her ultra-sexy, no phucks given demeanor was summed up with her first single: “I Wanna Be Bad.”

While “I Wanna Be Bad” was her ultimate jam, Ford also blessed us with the underrated (and obvious Britney Spears reject), “Did Ya Understand That.” After the success of her two singles, she began working on her sophomore project – appropriately titled, Sexy Sex Obsessive. Unfortunately it got shelved in 2004, so we couldn’t hear the greatness Ford was going to bestow upon us. But as 2015 nears, she can totally change that!

3. Mandy Moore

If you ask people who were the most memorable female singers to come out of 1999’s dance-pop wave, they would most likely say Britney, Christina and Jessica Simpson. But there was another blonde that many have probably overlooked: Mandy Moore.

The then-15 year old singer made her debut within the same time frame as the other girls, but for some reason she didn’t get her deserved shine. She could be just as sassy as her competitors (as evidenced by songs like “Candy”). Yet she could also switch it up with heartfelt ballads like 2000’s “I Wanna Be With You,” featured on the Center Stage soundtrack. Moore continued to make music up until her sixth LP, Amanda Leigh (released in 2009), but she eventually focused more on acting and left singing as a side project.

4. Jessica Simpson

Let’s face it: Christina and Jessica had the strongest vocals. With songs like 1999’s “I Wanna Love You Forever,” 2001’s “Irresistible” and even 2006’s “I Belong To Me,” Simpson had a solid catalog of hits that set herself apart from the other blondes of her era.

The last original music we heard from Simpson was back in 2008, with her tame (read: forgettable) sixth LP, Do You Know. It was specifically a country record, which was the primary mistake. The singer does pop so well, which is why she needs to return to the industry. She’s now a fashion entrepreneur and a mother, but that shouldn’t stop her from snatching these lessors’ wigs. Look at Britney and Christina! If they can balance personal life and business, then so can Jessica.

5. Christina Milian

Christina Milian was not technically born a blonde, but the Latina singer entered the bombshell territory in 2004. With the release of her sophomore LP It’s About Time, she grabbed her bottle of peroxide and transformed into a bonafide diva! The first single, “Dip It Low,” saw Milian ripping a page out of Britney’s guidebook and showcasing her sexier side more than ever before.

After the success of the flawless single, the singer dropped another album two years later. But unfortunately she decided to pursue an acting career and take a hiatus from singing. Fast forward to 2014, and Milian is reportedly dating Lil Wayne. The rapper, responsible for jumpstarting Nicki Minaj‘s career, knows a thing or two about creating a star. Surelu he can do Milian a favor, and get her back in the studio to record some more hits?

6. Ashlee Simpson

Her older sister Jessica may have been the popular one of the family, but Ashlee Simpson was a star in her own right! She began her singing career back in 2004, with the release of her debut album Autobiography. In those days, she was a dark-haired rebel. But just a year later, she decided to lighten her locks and ditch her faux-punk style for a poppier sound.

During her blonde era (especially with 2008’s Bittersweet World), she experimented with funky ’80s synths way before the current EDM dance craze. Like her sister, Ashlee took a break from singing to raise her child and get married. Yet in 2012, she mysteriously released a teaser video for “Bat For A Heart” that left many to believe she would be making a long-awaited return. It’s been two years since then, and we’re still waiting!

7. Natasha Bedingfield

This next artist has star status already running through her family tree. Natasha Bedingfield, the younger sister of Daniel Bedingfield (known for his 2001 hit “Gotta Get Thru This“), made her debut in 2004 just like many of her blonde competitors. Her biggest single was “Unwritten,” released in 2005. It was the theme song for reality series The Hills, and was inescapable on the radio.

The singer continued to put out music up until 2012, with her collaboration with Lifehouse on their single “Between The Raindrops.” That same year, she announced that she was working on her fourth studio album The Next Chapter – but it never saw the light of day. Bedingfield can make up for lost time by dropping another single during Q4; we would definitely appreciate it!

8. Blu Cantrell

Blu Cantrell may have only released two albums, but boy were they gems! 2001 saw her debut with So Blue, featuring the ladies anthem “Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops).” The single peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100, and spent two consecutive weeks at that spot. She followed up with her sophomore album Bittersweet, which included the Sean Paul-assisted “Breathe.” The record earned her a Grammy nomination for Best R&B Album, proving that she could stand next to the other established singers in the field.

Blu then released a greatest hits compilation in 2005, with only two albums under her belt! Honestly, when will your fave? Her last known appearance was in 2008, on NBC’s Celebrity Circus. After that, she was nowhere to be found. Blu, if you’re reading this, please do us all a favor and make a musical resurrection.

9. Jennifer Paige

Jennifer Paige most likely slipped under your radar once the ’90s came to a close, but that doesn’t mean she’s not worthy of a mention. Unlike the other ladies on this list, Paige did not experience a lengthy musical career. Yet her potential cannot be overlooked! The Atlanta native came up on the scene in 1998, with her debut single “Crush” (which may or may not have influenced Mandy Moore’s 2001 single of the same name).

It peaked at the #3 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100, spending nine consecutive weeks on the chart. In the midst of that era’s teen pop obsession, Paige brought an air of sophistication with her lush vocals and sultry demeanor.  She went on to release two more albums, but they were only successful overseas. Paige now runs a music podcast, but it would be nice to hear another song (or two) from her.

10. Hoku

Last but not least on this celebratory list of pop blondes, is bubblegum pop star Hoku. The Hawaiian-based singer got her big break with her 2000 single “Another Dumb Blonde,” which appeared in the Nickelodeon film Snow Day. The song (aka the unoffiical blonde anthem) was a complete hit, both on The Disney Channel and on radio. It also made the Billboard Top 40 chart, peaking at #27.

Hoku achieved more success the following year, with the Legally Blonde theme song “Perfect Day.” Now 13 years have gone by, and Hoku hasn’t released another record since. We say she should break the two-hit-wonder curse, pull a Beyonce and drop another album before the year’s end.

What other blondes in pop music history do you think deserves more shine? Let us know below!

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