Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” To Get 3D Treatment

Christina Lee | October 3, 2014 12:03 pm

When Michael Jackson released “Thriller,” he was the first to treat the music video as an event in and of itself. Without the 14-minute mini-film (and its then-massive budget of $500,000), today’s popular artists might not have tried to recreate that same magic. There have been some valiant efforts – Lady Gaga‘s dizzying TV event “G.U.Y.: An ARTPOP Film,” Kanye West‘s 30-minute “Runaway,” Beyonce‘s visual album – but guaranteed, no one can forget the first time they saw “Thriller.”

More than 30 years after its debut, “Thriller” director John Landis has decided to update the King of Pop’s video in a remarkable way: “Thriller,” in 3D. “It is going to reappear in a highly polished and three-dimensional way that is very exciting on the big screen,” he said to New York Daily News of the production, due in 2015.

Landis has actually had this idea for several years, though like some of Jackson’s earliest collaborators, he was in a legal battle with his estate. (Landis and producer George Folsey Jr. claimed that they were owed $2.3 million in profits and for planning a musical theater version that never materialized.) An unnamed source says that Landis has now worked on “Thriller” in 3D for months.

Would you see “Thriller” in 3D? Revisit the iconic video below and sound off in the comments.

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