Defunct Vixen Troupe Danity Kane Chirp On “Tell Me”: Listen To The ‘DK3’ Slow Jam

Robbie Daw | October 7, 2014 2:08 pm

Before the babies, before the punches, before the drama and before the (second) breakup, Danity Kane were absolute legends. Well, okay — that’s a load of shit. But at least they were a quintet-pared-down-to-quartet-pared-down-to-trio having a nice trot down the comeback trail, who had a third album finally on the way. The upside: DK3 will still see the light of day (supposedly) on October 28. The downside: Danity Kane no longer exists…again.

Today saw the premiere of slinky, finger-poppin’ DK3 electro ballad “Tell Me.” Fans of the ladies, no matter the incarnation, will lap this one up. Everyone else will scratch their heads wondering who in 2014 was still sinking cash into these broads.

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