Marina And The Diamonds Reveals “Froot” Lyrics: Read

Bradley Stern | October 9, 2014 9:43 am

Her cup runneth over!

Marina And The Diamonds has slowly but surely been teasing “Froot,” her grand return to the scene, for what feels like an eternity now — but tomorrow’s the big day. (UPDATE: It’s here! Listen now!)

Moments ago, the Electra Heart siren revealed the full lyrics for her forthcoming comeback track, and it sounds…well, juicy: “I’ll give you all I’ve got/Yeah, you know that it’s true/I’ve been saving all my summers for you/Like froot, like froot,” she sings during the chorus.

There’s talk of filling up cups, honeysuckle and roses, even Shepherd’s Delight — it’s certainly shaping up to be a Marina classic already. (We’re entirely just guessing…although the teaser sounds promising!)

Check out the full lyrics after the jump.


It’s Frootmas Eve! “FROOT” Lyrics ✨

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