Royksopp Debut “You Know I Have To Go (Feat. Jamie McDermott)”: Listen

Bradley Stern | October 9, 2014 12:27 pm

Sadly, the days of album-making are coming to an end for Scandinavian superstars, Royksopp. (Well, not over over — they’re just done making albums in the traditional LP sense.)

Ahead of the release of their final album The Inevitable End, the duo is slowly releasing songs from the forthcoming record, including “Sordid Affair” and their remixed version of their Robyn Do It Again EP collaboration, “Monument.”

Now, the group’s revealed the latest track from their set: “You Know I Have To Go,” a mournful tune led by Jamie McDermott of The Irrepressibles, who also guests on three other songs from the album. “The attraction and the doubt; the dilemma as whether to succumb to one’s feelings or not. The sheer length of the track is meant to illustrate the prolonging internal struggle between reason and lust,” the boys explained of their new song. Listen over at their official website.

The immensely slow-moving number feels both nostalgic and depressing, keeping in line with Royksopp’s signature emotional electronic haze. It also feels a bit more morbid than their usual, given the circumstances. A Friday night #TurnUp anthem? Not so much. This one makes for a much more contemplative late night experience.

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