Taylor Swift’s “Out Of The Woods”: Review Revue

Idolator Staff | October 14, 2014 7:01 am

Following the release of her bouncy, hater-shaking new #1 single “Shake It Off”, ever-giving pop darling Taylor Swift has just revealed a second taste of her forthcoming late ’80’s-inspired record, 1989.

We thought the Jack Antonoff-produced electronic jam “Out Of The Woods” sees Taylor in “typical Taylor fashion” on top of an “echoing vocal sample and bed of synths.” But how did Tay Tay’s latest song fare out in the wilderness of the critics out there? Check out what everyone else had to say.

:: SPIN declared the track to be a “perfectly pleasant pop cut” and praised Antonoff’s co-writing skills, which helped to make the production “so anthemic.”

:: Music Times felt that Taylor’s latest “oozes slow moving power pop potential,” and taps into a whole new set of ears: “…This song is a totally new offering from Swift and one that may actually appeal to a large untapped audience for her: the indie rock snobs.”

:: Time sang praises for the singer-songwriter’s new direction: “It’s the furious chant of that anthemic chorus, all breathless urgency, and the left-of-center production that help Swift perform the niftiest sleight of hand: Even with lyrics that include some of her most headline-grabbing autobiographical admissions to date, the most interesting thing here isn’t who it’s about, but rather, how different it sounds.”

:: In true PopJustice fashion, the review was largely dominated by a complaint about UK streaming laws, but they did give the track a 9 out of 10, and declared it to be “a gamechanging electro pensivebanger.”

:: Our own MuuMuse declared the track to be a shift away from the “sneering, ‘and I was like, so, whatever!’ teen-pop shtick of her latest big hits into something vastly more mature, more interesting and much more worthy of the hype.”

:: And Vanity Fair praised Tay’s ability to mix her signature sound with something new: “Somehow, Swift was able to release a song that sounds exactly like the best songs she’s ever released while at the same time sounding unquestionably fresh and very ‘2014.’ (Charli XCX no doubt texted her manager a few sideways-face emoji last night.)”

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