Pink And Dallas Green’s (You + Me) ‘rose ave.’: Review Revue

Bianca Gracie | October 14, 2014 7:14 am

Pink threw her fans a curveball back in early September, when she announced she’ll be recording a folk album with City and Colour‘s Dallas Green. Calling themselves You + Methe duo has a stripped-down, pastoral sound that is completely different that what we’re used to hearing from the pop rocker. Their debut album, rose ave., was released today (October 14) via Pink’s record label – RCA.

But on this project, she is strictly going by her given name (Alecia Moore) so that people can separate her known persona from this new venture. Our own Robbie Daw commented on the LP, stating “And as you might have gathered from previously-released tracks “You And Me,” “Break The Cycle”and “Capsized,” this is Pink in full-on folk mode — in other words, it’s miles away from the glossy pop you’ve come to know the brash, outspoken singer for.”

So what did music critics think about the album? Read on after the jump to find out!

:: All Music thought the musical details did not hold out to the LP’s folksy tone: “Sometimes, there are luscious touches — such as waves of swooning strings and floating organs — and the arrangements are often underpinned by sly percussion and keyboards, but usually Rose Ave doesn’t feel like it’s much more than P!nk and Green singing on the same microphone as Green strums his guitar.”

:: Newsday felt the energy the two artists usually have didn’t shine through: “…while the intricate harmonies on “You and Me” showcase their famous voices in a new context. The only drawback is when the surprises run out and they sound oddly average — something that never happens to them separately.”

:: On the other hand, Alter The Press gave the album five stars: “The songs all have sparse instrumental arrangements, allowing the melodic voices of the two to shine. They trade off on verses and lines, while coming together later in harmonies, their voices fitting together perfectly. While equally strong singing alone, the magic really happens when their voices are intertwined.”

:: Guardian also put in their two cents: “The album was recorded in eight days, and sounds it: tracks such as Second Guess, which brings to mind Robert Plant and Alison Krauss’s warm alliance, feel like demos, but that’s fine. The sketchier and more organic a track – such as Unbeliever, with its drowsy acoustic guitar and vague musings about being ‘a thousand miles from nowhere’ – the more charming.”

:: Wondering Sound approves of the duo: “Whether singing in unison — with Green trailing P!nk’s melodies like a shadow — or humbly alternating verses to further a storyline (as on ‘Second Guess’), the pair make simple songs about heartbreak, finding comfort in others and forgiveness sound alternately gut-wrenching and life-affirming.”

:: And finally, That Music Mag thinks Pink has more of a presence on the LP: “Not to take away from the vocal talents of Dallas Green, but Rose Ave can best be described as acoustic Pink. Green’s light cadence and gentle voice is a perfect contrast to the strength and power of Pink’s. Listening to one really allows you to appreciate the other.”

Do you agree with what the critics had to say about rose ave.? Let us know in the comments below!

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