Madonna “Has No Interest” In Working With Ariel Pink

Bradley Stern | October 14, 2014 10:15 am

Oh! What a terrible shame: Ariel Pink won’t be involved with the Queen Of Pop’s new record, after all.

Yesterday, the indie singer-songwriter confirmed that he was tapped to write for Madonna’s new record, only to then go on a semi-sexist rant about the iconic’s singer’s “downward slide” (“she can’t just have her Avicii, her producers or whatever, come up with a new techno jam for her to gyrate to and pretend that she’s 20 years old”) while discrediting her latest albums — even labeling her critically acclaimed 1998 record Ray Of Light as “not cool.” Not too many fans felt kindly about his dismissive comments, and even Grimes jumped in to declare Pink’s comments as “delusional misogyny” on Twitter last night.

Concerned? Don’t worry: Madge is #unapologeticallyunbothered by all of this, as confirmed in a statement from her manager Guy Oseary on Twitter yesterday. “I have never heard of @arielxpink. The label may have reached out but M has no interest in working with mermaids,” he said to a fan wondering about Ariel Pink’s involvement. Guess he won’t be doing “that return-to-values thing” after all — but we’re pretty sure Madonna is doing just fine having her fun with Diplo and crew.

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