Lorde Is Banned From San Francisco Radio At The Moment

Bradley Stern | October 20, 2014 10:21 am

Bad news for Lorde fans in the Bay Area: You won’t be hearing “Royals” any time soon.

For those who aren’t entirely caught up on the whole baseball thing, the San Francisco Giants are heading to the World Series this week against the Kansas City…Royals. Uh oh! Superstitiously, San Fran’s radio stations are blacklisting Lorde’s big hit — at least until the series is over.

According to a series of tweets from radio stations, including KFOG and KOIT, “Royals” isn’t being put into rotation during the series. From Billboard: “‘Why send any positive vibes to Kansas City?’ KFOG’s program director Jim Richards told NBC Bay Area. ‘Why not give the song a rest? No one is going to get hurt over it.'” To be fair, the song has been played to death on radio ever since last year — a little break probably wouldn’t hurt. (We’re assuming Kansas City is about to majorly make up for those SF spins, anyway.)

Check out the radio station tweets after the jump.

Do you think this is unfair, or just silly superstition at the moment? Sound off in the comments below.

[via Billboard]