t.A.T.u.’s Lena Katina Bares All In “Who I Am” Video: Idolator Premiere

Bradley Stern | October 21, 2014 7:00 am

Lena Katina is finally ready to tell us who she really is.

Of course, we were already very familiar with the songstress when she was acting as one-half of the legendary Russian duo t.A.T.u. for the latter half of the ’00s, delivering global hits like “All The Things She Said” and “Not Gonna Get Us.”

Following the troupe’s disbandment, Lena went on to supply us with several solo offerings over the years, from 2011’s “Never Forget” to “Lift Me Up” last October. At last, the talented songstress is ready to roll out her long-awaited debut LP, This Is Who I Am.

Just ahead of the album’s release (November 18), the singer premiered her new single and album namesake, “Who I Am.” And today, we’re bringing you the premiere of the video, which you can now watch above.

The black and white, Jason Wisch-directed clip sees the Russian songbird sharing her soul in a variety of glamorous outfits (and nearly nothing at all!), staring straight into the camera and expressing a wide range of emotions throughout — all meant to be an artistic statement about Lena as a human being.

From Lena:

The video turned out a little different from what I had in mind originally but it is very different from what I’ve done so far. I can say it is experimental. I wanted to show that I can be sad, in tears, or happy, angry or totally calm as well as all made up or with a very pure look… just like any other human being. A lot of people don’t think of artists as regular people but we all have the same emotions, problems or simple happiness… That was one of my goals, to show that an artist is just like any other person. The only difference is that you might see me on TV because I’ve become an openly public person!

I am very curious as to what my fans will think of the video actually, but I know that they love the song. I love it too and I am very happy with it! I think it is a good statement to make: this is who I am. :)

So, what do you think of Lena’s “Who I Am” video? Sound off in the comments below.